Reduction of the environmental contribution CONAI ( Italian national Consortium of packages ) for cellulose packages CONAI board of directors, according to Comieco (Italian national consortium of reutilization and recycle of cellulose packages ) advice, decreed an 8euros/ ton reduction of CONAI environmental contribution regarding paper and board packages, that from 1st January 2012 on, will be reduced to 14 euros/ ton, instead of 22.

In these days, as for others raw materials, there has been a rise in value of pulping quotations. This positive phase of the market enables the reduction of environmental contribution and still guarantees the collection and start-off of paper and board recycling coming from municipal separate collection of rubbish. Thanks to citizens engagement and the efficiency of Comieco system, in 2010 almost 90% of the 4 millions and more tons of cellulose put in the market were recycled, with an estimated percentage of 79%.