:: Excelling in customer service is our priority
We refine and prepare our staff to fully understand the needs of the market and of our customers.
To fully satisfy and exceed expectations, we innovate and progressively evolve our structures and equipment.

:: Versatility of production
The production runs in a continuous cycle on 3 lines to satisfy every necessity and quantity, also for specific and minimum orders, and utilises automatic packing systems developed to ensure, in a fast and efficient manner, the perfect transportability and integrity of products destined for domestic and foreign markets.
This important step for the company, as well as enabling us to remain competitive on the market, allows us to be even closer to the needs of our customers.

:: Flexibility and customisable papers
Our production is not concerned with the quantity, but to the specificity, the quality, and the capacity for adaption.
Thanks to our R&D department, we are able to produce ranges of standard papers customisable even for limited quantities, particularly for the flexible packaging sector: baking paper, grease-resistant paper, impregnated paper, …

:: Our warehouse could be your warehouse
For our trusted customers, we put our warehouse at your disposal for the storage of production, to ensure a ready supply rapidly when required.


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