:: Water is life
In all phases of the paper production process a certain amount of water is used.
From the early 70s to now this amount has been reduced by over 50%, thanks to continuous rationalisation and to the development of internal recycling systems and plants. The particular quality characteristics of the paper that we produce do not always enable us to reuse the wastewater. For this reason, we turned our attention to recovery and purification.

:: Waste is a resource
Mechanical and biological treatments, ever more sophisticated and precise, allows the purification of the water with a process that separates it from the solid residues, consisting mostly of cellulosic particles that return to the production cycle. The water sent to the purifying plant, after treatment, is fed into the Fella River flowing alongside the mill, while the solid residues are collected and sent for re-use in the production of other types of paper, for the brick and cement industries, for environmental restoration works, and for landfill cover.

:: Maximum control
The release of water to the river is constantly monitored with a detailed analytical schedule, frequent sampling and analysis.