:: Self-production with pride
Linked to that of the environment, the aspect of energy is a source of great pride for us.
The energy of nature, of our rivers, serving itself, unites with our attention on energy recovery through cogeneration, granting us autonomy and consistency of production, with a consequent containment of costs and enormous moral satisfaction, which unites the company, its staff, and local residents in a big happy family.

:: A historical choice
The self-production of energy is for us a historical choice, conscious and deeply felt. Back in the 30s, two hydroelectric plants were created on the Aupa and Alba rivers, which we maintain and continually update.
We use 1,150 kWh of electrical energy and 3.3 kWh of thermal energy per kg of paper produced, with a total usage of about 45 million kWh per year.

:: Clean energy and cogeneration
The hydroelectric power plants provide about a fifth of the energy we use, and we are building a new plant for direct entry into the network.
We produce a further 19 million kWh per year with a thermal power plant equipped with a 25 MW thermal steam boiler, combined with a backpressure turbine of 320 kW, which also allows us to create the low-pressure steam required to dry the paper. The remaining power is supplied by two cogeneration reciprocating engines fuelled with natural gas.

:: The respect for resources
The most interesting interventions and investments we have made in recent years have been aimed at rationalising consumption.

Some interesting facts
– Since 1975, the paper mill has used natural gas for its energy production facilities.
– The fumes escaping from the chimneys, clearly visible especially in winter, originate from the steam used for drying the paper, and despite the strong visual impact, do not actually contain contaminants.