:: Like a Ferrari gear box: for changing production even 3 times a day
We invest a lot of resources in the training of qualified personnel specialised in rapidly changing production: we achieve unbeatable times and maximum cost optimisation.
The major part of the paper produced is scheduled. Only a high-level management team is capable of perfectly synchronising these operations with a continuous and changing production line.

:: Our paper is your paper
We produce papers with standardised features as detailed in the catalogue, but our strength lies in the challenges: those customers who ask us to research and obtain new products, with precise qualities and functions, and produce them in low quantities to begin their phase of field-testing.

:: Increased productivity
We equip our machines with special features to obtain the maximum quality and production line control, and that also allow us to increase productivity.

:: In contact with foods
The special papers utilised for food packaging require special care. Although the regulations for this area relate primarily to the users of the paper, the need for greater sensitivity to the issue falls on the entire supply chain. This particular attention enables us to satisfy even the most stringent requirements of Guarantees and Certifications from firms and foreign multinationals, especially from France, Germany, and northern Europe in general.
The regulations that we follow constitute the foundations of our self-discipline procedures:
– The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method of hygienic self-control that decrees that the requirements of food safety are aimed at protecting the health of the consumer.
– The BRC (British Retail Consortium) technical standard for food packaging.

:: We are good, but we’re not the only ones to say it
We provide certificates of analysis issued by external laboratories, in addition to our internal controls, relating to the verification of the pulp, and regarding our environmental and working procedures.

:: The plant
The plant in Moggio (UD) extends over an area of 52,600 square meters, of which 22,000 are covered, and has an output of 47 thousand tons of paper a year.
We produce coated and uncoated papers for food, printing paper, tissue paper, and technical and specialised papers upon specific request, even for lower quantities.
We operate a continuous cycle with production lines to meet the requirements, also specific, resulting from different usages and demands of the market.
Alongside our productive versatility we work to superior quality standards, utilising modern and sophisticated control systems, on-line and “off-line”.

The lines:

  • Line PM1 (2,240 mm of useable format, weight variable from 25-70 g/m²) is particularly suited to production of “special” papers thanks to a coating system that allows the application of both film-forming products in solution, and films with a high content in solids. In addition, it is possible to obtain a differentiated treatment of the two faces of the sheet simultaneously.
  • Line PM2 (2,100 mm of useable format, weight variable from 18-35 g/m²) is intended for the production of light papers and tissues for use in various sectors: from food to hygiene products.
  • Line PM3 (2,120 mm of useable format, weight variable from 40-170 g/m²) is equipped with a “Size-Press” plant for the treatment of paper with film-forming products or with natural pigments, but is also ideal to fulfil orders for large quantities of paper with standard characteristics.
  • The final working of the paper is carried out by a pool of machines based on advanced technologies; alongside the continuous cycle lines, in fact, are two damping baths, four hot roll supercalenders heated by means of high temperature steam, and four rewinders.
  • Cartiere Ermolli can therefore guarantee the perfect preparation of any type of roll paper. Added to this are the automatic packaging systems ready to ensure the perfect transportability and integrity of products quickly and efficiently for the domestic and foreign markets.