:: Ancient roots
Our manufacturing plant is located in Moggio Udinese (UD), at the foot of the Carnic Alps, where the first paper mill was founded way back in 1758. The site was chosen due to the abundance of raw materials available there, cotton rags and yarns from the textile industry, the clear and limpid waters at the confluence of the Aupa and the Fella rivers, and a climate conducive to the perfect formation and drying of the paper sheets.

:: Great obstacles and great achievements
Having lived right through the Industrial Revolution, overcoming two world wars and the catastrophic earthquakes of 1976, technological evolution has always remained at the centre of the company’s attention, with the objective of gradually increasing the quality of the product and the diversification of production, as well as steadily increasing the productivity of the plant.
Cartiere Ermolli represents the evolutionary outcome of this long tradition: lying in an area of rare beauty at 320 metres above sea level, the mill is spread over 52,600 square metres, of which 22,000 are covered.

:: An unbreakable bond
Specialised in high quality papers, some of them with sophisticated technical features, we tie our own story to Moggio Udinese, a small town in Friuli a few kilometres from Udine. Even today, the company constitutes the “industrial” heart of the valley, while within the world of paper it retains its own peculiarities of process and product.


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