Our production plant is located in Moggio Udinese (UD), at the foot of the Carnic Alps, where the first paper mill was founded back in 1758. The site was chosen for the abundance of raw material available, cotton rags and thread from the textile industry, clear and limpid water at the confluence of the Aupa stream and the Fella river and a climate favourable to the perfect formation and drying of the paper sheet. Having lived through the Industrial Revolution, overcome two world wars and the catastrophic earthquakes of 1976, technological evolution has always remained at the centre of the company’s attention with the aim of gradually increasing product quality and diversifying production, as well as constantly increasing plant productivity. Cartiere Ermolli represents the evolutionary result of this long tradition, in an area of rare beauty at 320 m above sea level. 52,600 sqm of which 22,000 are covered.

Specialising in high-quality papers, some of which have sophisticated technical characteristics, we link our history to Moggio Udinese, a small town in Friuli a few kilometres from Udine. Still today, the company constitutes the “industrial” heart of the valley, while within the paper world it maintains its own peculiarities related to both processing and product.
Excellence in customer service is our priority

We hone and train our staff to fully understand the needs of the market and our customers.
To fully satisfy them and go beyond expectations, we are progressively evolving and innovating our structures and equipment. Production is in a continuous cycle on 3 lines to meet all requirements and quantities, even if the requirements are very specific and the quantities are very small. We use automatic packaging systems ready to ensure the perfect transportability and integrity of products destined for domestic and foreign markets, quickly and efficiently.
This important step for the company not only allows us to remain competitive in the market, but also to be even closer to our customers’ needs.

Our production is not about quantity, but about specificity, quality and adaptability.
Thanks to our R&D department, we are able to produce standard paper families that can also be customised for limited quantities, especially for the flexible packaging sector: baking, grease-resistant, impregnated papers…

For our trusted customers, we provide our own warehouse to store production and to ensure quick supply when needed.

We offer tailor-made paper solutions in weights from 20 to 150 g/m2

We equip our machines with special features for maximum quality and in-line controls, which also allow us to increase productivity. We also invest a lot of resources in the training of qualified and specialised personnel to carry out production changes quickly: we have achieved unbeatable timescales while optimising costs. A high-level management team!