CARTIERE ERMOLLI, sensitive to the legitimate civil and social needs of its employees, with the intention of ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, is committed to complying with and, where possible, going beyond the requirements of the law, in order to be a leading company in terms of health and safety conditions in the workplace.

The best conditions of health and safety in the workplace are the most important values to be sought as a means of improving relations with all stakeholders by ensuring the involvement of staff and collaborators in the company’s economic development objectives, meeting the expectations of customers and the public and establishing a constructive working relationship with supervisory bodies.

  • Constantly adapt to and comply with occupational health and safety regulations and any other requirements subscribed to;
  • Evaluate the company’s processes and activities; set and pursue innovation and improvement objectives in a safe way with a view to prevention;
  • Pursue continuous improvement of our performance in relation to health and safety at work, minimising and where possible eliminating all sources of risk;
  • Maintain a pro-active role for Management in promoting continuous improvement in safety;
  • Ensure the correct application of the technologies used, and where possible, pursue the improvement of these technologies or the adoption of more advanced technologies from a safety standpoint;
  • Select suppliers and contractors and promote their development in accordance with the principles of this policy, committing them to behaviour consistent with it;
  • Drawing up and developing safety plans containing measures and procedures necessary to prevent accidental or emergency situations and to contain their effects;
  • Pursue an open and constructive attitude towards the public, users, public authorities and other stakeholders;
  • Involve our staff and make them part of the company values.


A Whistleblowing reporting channel is also available: Access


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